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"Jugis" is a LATIN word, pronounciated as JU-GE-IS, means Ceaseless, Continual, Perennial, Constant, etc. We always strive to provide our valuable clients best suitable solutions promptly.

About Us

About Our Company

JUGIS TECH is a software development company based in Gujarat, India; focusing on providing quality, cost effective solutions to small and medium enterprises worldwide. We specialize in delivering solutions in Customized Application Development and Web based Applications followed by Graphic & Website Designing, Website Developing, Software Developing, Mobile App Development, Networking & Security Setup, Multimedia Animation & Video Production, Whiteboard Animation Designing, Social Media Marketing & Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Virtualization & Cloud Computing, E-Commerce & Shopping Cart Development, Server & Storage Management, etc.

JUGIS TECH homestead combines innovation and experience to deliver world-class solutions to a global customer base. JUGIS TECH is already known in India and abroad as a reliable outsourcing partner, for our fundamental understanding of customer’s needs and a responsibility for the products we offer. We offer flexibility and scalability making business processes more efficient.

JUGIS TECH purely works on pre-defined principles and ethics as listed below: -

Treat your employees right. In turn, they will treat your clients better.

This is so obvious and simple, that it amazes me to see so many companies not follow it. It is blindingly obvious to me that if you want great customer service (in the all-encompassing meaning of the term), you have to start by treating your employees right.
Why is it that "employee loyalty" is much taunted in HR circles, but "employer loyalty" is a rarely used word? An employer-employee relationship is a 2-way relationship, much like a customer-supplier relationship. Yet, companies pay far less attention and effort to maintaining the latter. Given the current supply and demand in the software market, it is high time employers started listening to their people. I understand the irony in my criticism, as I am an employer and an employee. My point still stands!

Have conversations with your clients.

Most companies have only 2 types of interactions with their clients, sales and support. There is nothing wrong with that, but to be a genuinely customer-focused company, you need to engage with them every day. Listening to your clients is not enough. Talking to your clients is not enough.
We try to reach out to our clients in everything we do. Whether it be a new company policy, the re-design of our website, or ideas for a new product, we engage with clients to gain their feedback and if necessary, make the changes that aligns us better with their needs.

Turn your clients into fans.

Having clients is not enough for us. We want to turn them into fans by appealing to not just fulfill their needs but their perceptions of what a great company should be like.
You might think that this is a bit lofty for a company that produces business software. After all, only consumer companies with cool products can turn clients into raving fans. You might just be wrong.

Eat your own dog food.

This is mostly used as a promotional strategy by product companies to prove that their product is "good enough". However, at JUGIS TECH, this is our primary strategy when developing a new product and is the overarching principle around both product and feature design. We would never develop anything that we would not use as a company or endorse otherwise.

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